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Hallstatt – Das Original. Millionenfach fotografiert – einmal kopiert – nie erreicht

Idyllische Lage am See, viele historische Gebäude: Hallstatt gefiel chinesischen Architekten so gut, dass sie in der Volksrepublik einen Nachbau des weltberühmten Weltkulturerbeortes errichteten. Das malerische Original verdankt seine Entstehung dem reichen Salzvorkommen. .

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Hallstatt The name Hall is most probably from the old Celtic name for salt, the salt mines near the village being an important factor. Salt was a valuable resource, so the region was historically very wealthy. It is possible to tour the world's first salt mine, located above downtown Hallstatt. The village also gave its name to the early Iron Age Hallstatt culture and is a World Heritage Site for Cultural Heritage. Hallstatt is a popular tourist attraction owing to its small-town appeal and can be toured on foot in ten minutes.

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The most beautiful city of the Czech Republic


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According to the local legend, the foundation of Telč is connected with the victory of the Moravian Duke Otto II. over the Czech Duke Břetislav in 1099. It is said that in the memory of the battle the victor established first a chapel, later a church and then a community, which is the Old Town today. The only historical proof is the documentation of a seigniorial estate and watch tower with a little church, which was the residence of the royal administrator. This royal property, Telč was paid out by Charles IV, firstly it was redeemed (1335) and secondly it was exchanged with Jindřich of Hradec for the border castle Banov (1339). This family started founding a new Telč. Menhart of Hradec is supposed to have built the castle, church, water fortification and Gothic houses around the large marketplace. The town started to expand after 1354, and in spite of rapid development – it was granted the rigth to carry out capital sentences and the right to hold annual markets by Charles IV, it used to suffer from fires (in 1386 the whole western half of the square including the church and town hall were burnt out) and later still from the Hussites rebellions. According to the Town Chronicle established in 1359 (and later lost) the town of Telč was – except for the castle – conquered in 1423 by the Hussites´army led by Jan Hvězda of Vicemilice. The recovery ot the town required quite a long time, although it was awarded additional privileges in the fifteenth century (fairs, brewing, the sale of salt).

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Telč je nevšední a nádherné město. Přesné datum založení Telče není známé. První písemná zmínka se datuje od roku 1333 až 1335. Celý region patřil Janu Lucemburskému, který daroval město Telč Oldřichovi z Hradce. Tak začala slavná éra Pánů z Hradce. Návštěva města Telče Vás rozhodně nezklame. Toto město je opravdový klenot. Stavitelé a majitelé objektů se tam skutečně vyřádili. V dobrém slova smyslu.

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